Partners and Suppliers

Partners and Suppliers

Partnering with Baxter to provide life-saving and -sustaining products and therapies globally.

Together with our partners and suppliers, we work to provide innovative life-saving and sustaining products and therapies to patients and healthcare providers around the world.

We are committed to continually finding new ways to improve our environmental performance and promote supplier diversity, all while nurturing innovation to address the unmet healthcare needs of patients today and for decades to come.

Baxter Suppliers

We collaborate with our diverse supplier base to identify opportunities to improve environmental performance and promote human rights. Use the link below to learn more about our Policies and Standards, and for our existing suppliers, use the link below to access our Supplier Notice of Change Requirements. 

New Suppliers

We consider price, quality, environmental criteria and other factors when selecting and evaluating our suppliers. We do this with the intent to develop sustainable growth plans and build sound partnerships within all areas of our supply chain.

eCommerce Business

The automation of business transactions can help enable savings, efficiencies and accuracy across the revenue cycle. We support Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Internet-commerce and the Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX).